Serving Counter – Mockup to Tape Down

Serving Counter – Mockup to Tape Down

If all goes well with a little permit we need to get, we will be beginning construction on our serving counter very shortly. Using Google SketchUp, I made a 3D model of the counter to help us visualize the space we will need and to help us design a smooth and efficient workflow. The model is also necessary to give the talented people who will be building the counter something to go on.

Coffee Counter – Mockup, originally uploaded by tukanuk.

The counter front is a combination of environmentally friendly bamboo panelling and cultured stone. If we were opening a café in the desert on a slightly hazy day, the SketchUp picture would really capture what we are trying to do. Since we’ve instead elected to build our counter inside, we’ve taped it on on the floor to help us get a handle on the size.

Serving Counter - Taped

Serving Counter – Taped, originally uploaded by tukanuk.

The next step is where the real fun begins. A plumber will come in and run the water and drainage lines, an electrician will get us the power we will need and then the real construction begins! Stay tuned for pictures of the actual construction which will hopefully be coming very soon.

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