Our sign is up!

Our sign is up!

Our Brand New Sign!

After only two days of waiting, we got our new sign yesterday afternoon! We’d been working all day on the renovations so we might look a little rough, but the sign sure doesn’t. Huge thanks to Dan over at Printhouse (511 Pelissier, 519.551.3825) for doing such a great and speedy job. Dan also made us some “coming soon” signs to put up but I left them on his desk at Printhouse.

Construction on our serving counter mostly wrapped up yesterday and a lot of the tools and garbage were cleaned out. On the whole, the café is much more presentable now (but still needs lots of work).

In the meantime, the Green Bean Café is, “coming soon”. We’ll see you on August 24th! You can check out more photos from our renovations here or join our Facebook Fan Page at http://facebook.com/greenbeancoffee.

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