1 Month, 6 Days to go

1 Month, 6 Days to go

Hole in the Floor

With less then six full weeks to go, the sight of six foot deep hole in the café  floor  could be a little discouraging. However, the truth is that we are really excited about it, because that hole means permits are in place and construction has officially begun. From here, we anticipate that things will move very quickly. One more day with the plumber, then things will sit for a few days and late next week, the framing for the counter will begin. Besides the construction starting this week, we’ve also finalized our coffee supplier, and made a decision regarding some confusing financial stuff.

The coffee, the construction and the cash were the three big goals we had for this week. On Wednesday morning it looked like we may only get one of the three taken care of, but several phone calls within a thirty minute span, and everything sprang into action.

So everything is going quite well, but did I mention that we open in forty-one days?

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