The People

Ben and Michelle Davidson

In September 2009, we set out on a new adventure, and opened the doors of the Green Bean Café. At the time, we’d been married for a few years and were finally finishing up our degrees. Michelle had recently graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing Science from the University of Windsor while I picked up my Bachelor of Theology from Masters College and Seminary in Toronto. With school behind us we spent some time dreaming about how we wanted to make our mark in the world.

We had a lot of great ideas, but all seemed centred around the words “community” and “caring”. We reflected on our experiences at school and in our part-time employment, and began to sketch out a place through which we thought we could make a contribution to our community. As things so happened, we heard a similar story of a desire to strengthen the community from our great landlords at University Community Church, and what began as a rough idea started to become our reality.

Nurse + Pastor = Cafe

Typically, nurse plus pastor does not equal cafe. Although we loved working in our chosen professions we felt the we had something to offer that we couldn’t achieve through these interests alone. We decided to mix our desire for strengthening our neighbourhood with our passion for health – physical, emotional and spiritual, top it off with our love of coffee, and create a neighbourhood cafe. I’m sure there are a lot of other ways we could have accomplished our goals, so why did we choose a café?

We think the best answer to this question is that we want to make a living doing something that we think will make Windsor, and specifically the community surrounding the University of Windsor, a better place. We hope that’s not too lofty of a goal for a couple of kids who value our community and love great food, because that’s the kind of café we want to build.

The Vision

We love the idea of students having a comfortable, affordable place to study, surf the web, hang with friends and occasionally listen to some great live music. We think local artists could use some more venues to showcase their art. We think our neighbours are happier when they have a third space – away from the busyness of home and the pressures of work – to connect with other neighbours. Simply put, we want Green Bean to be the kind of place that we wish we had when we were in school. Our hope is that the Green Bean is a place where anyone can come, grab something to eat and drink, and relax.

Find Out More

If you’re interested in more Green Bean lore, check out the News section of the website. In addition to getting up to speed on what is currently happening at the Green Bean, you will find information regarding our opening and some of the original text of this page.

So, here we are. We’d love to have you come by the cafe and check us out. You can visit us at 2320 Wyandotte St. W. Windsor, Ontario, follow us on Twitter at @greenbeancoffee or like us on Facebook at

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