A Big Thanks

Hi friends! Can you believe it’s been 7.5 years since the doors first opened to the Green Bean? Michelle and I can still remember where the first group of drama students sat on our first day (Will, Gracie, Topaz, Keith – wherever you are we hope you are doing well!).

A lot has changed since then. Students have started university and finished grad school all since we’ve been together. We met parents dropping their kids off in September for the first time away from home and those same parents having coffee with their freshly graduated sons and daughters.

We’ve had five amazing Community Christmas Dinners and been able to share this meal with hundreds of amazing people.

We’ve served over 420,000 orders and made over 63,000 cups of coffee!

We opened (yeah!) and closed (boo!) a second location.

We have had 46 wonderful people work for us over the years. Alicia, Allie, Ashley, Andrea, Brad, Brittni, Brittany, Bryce, Caleb, Cassie, Cecilia , Charlene , Colleen, Colleen, Daniel, Diane, Eddie, Heather, Jamie, Jay, Jenn, Jessica, Jo, Jocelyn, Kadrine, Kaela, Katie, Lauren, Matthew, Meagan , Monica, Naomi, Renee, Richard, Roseanna , Ryan, Ryan, Sharon, Sherry, Sue, Suzi, Thalia, Tim, Wes, Yolanda and Zara.

Naomi, Caleb and Sue (hello! How’s Nanaimo?) deserve a special thank you as our managers who put up with our craziness and found ways to put our ideas into action.

I can’t imagine that there is any restaurant that has had a better group of people and we appreciate all the work each of our staff over the years.

Our family has grown. We’ve welcomed Julietta and Jonah into the world and the world has thanked us for giving it the two cutest kids around.

And now comes the time to make a change. Michelle and I have decided that it is time to step away from the Green Bean. It hasn’t been an easy decision but we believe it to be the right one.

We are genuinely excited to announce that our amazing kitchen manager, Caleb Farrugia has agreed to purchase the cafe from us and continue our dream of establishing a community focused sustainable cafe in the University neighbourhood. Caleb and his business partner Kyle are going to bring some fresh energy to the cafe and we are confident they will take the cafe to new heights.

What does this mean to our amazing customers? In the very short term it means the cafe will be closed until the middle of June. We really do apologize for the short notice. The original plan was a seamless transition but paperwork happened. You understand.

The good news is that the two weeks the cafe is closed will give Caleb and Kyle a chance to put their stamp on the cafe and be ready to open better then ever. I’ll be staying on at the cafe for several months part time to help make the transition easy for Caleb and Kyle.

Thanks so much to each of our amazing friends, family, the gang at UCC and especially the customers who have made the journey a truly fantastic experience. We couldn’t have done it without you and we look forward to sharing the next stage of our lives with you as well.

Our original pitch was to start the cafe that we wish we could have had when we were students and the cafe that we wanted in our neighbourhood. It was much, much more difficult than we thought it would be and it has been far from perfect but, after seven and half years we think that cafe finally exists. Now we get to come back as customers and enjoy it.


Ben and Michelle

PS. Have a cafe story or memory you want to share? We would really love to hear it. Email me at ben.davidson@greenbeancoffee.ca.

Family Day and Reading Week Hours

The Green Bean will be closed for Family Day on Monday, February 20.

From Tuesday, February 21 to Friday, February 24 we will have reduced hours for the University of Windsor’s Reading Week.

Monday, Feb 20: Closed
Tuesday, Feb 21: 8a – 6p
Wednesday, Feb 22: 8a – 6p
Thursday, Feb 23: 8a – 6p
Thursday, Feb 24: 8a – 6p
Saturday, Feb 25: Closed
Sunday, Feb 25: Closed

Regular hours resume on Monday, February 26.

Have a great Family Day and we will see you soon!

A Night of Arts – January 19 @ 7PM

On Thursday, January 19 @ 7PM, we’re excited to be hosting, “A Night of ARTS” presented by the UWindsor Publishing Practicum.

From their Facebook event:

A showcase from students at the University of Windsor set to raise funds for the university’s unique editing and publishing practicum. The night will feature poetry and prose readings, live musical performances from Windsor artists and a special appearance by Barry Brodie, a local author of the upcoming novel TOM THOMSON On the Threshold of Magic. An exclusive reading of Canadian author Bruce Meyer’s upcoming 1967: Centennial Year will also be taking place, so be sure to come for a night out with special viewings of the best forthcoming Canadian content.

Admission is by donation and all proceeds will go towards the launch of the two books being published by the practicum this semester. For more information on these works, check out the pages below and be sure to join us for our official launch in April!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thresholdpublishing/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThreshPub
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thresholdpublishing/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/centennialyear67/?fref=ts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/centennialprodu

For more info visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/1381657988532255/

Announcing Our Fifth Annual Community Christmas Dinner!

Community Christmas Dinner

The Green Bean Cafe is excited to announce our fifth annual Community Christmas Dinner!

We know that every year hundreds of students stick around the university campus for the holidays. In addition, there are many families and people around us looking for new ways to celebrate the Christmas season. The Community Christmas Dinner is our idea to draw these two groups of people together and unite them around a traditional Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings.

The dinner will be held on Christmas Day (December 25) at noon. We’ll be eating turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, squash and delicious assortment of desserts.

If you’re an International Student this meal is for you! We really encourage you either take part in the International Student Centre‘s Host for the Holidays program or come over to the café and join us for dinner. It’s a great way to experience an authentic Canadian holiday! If you need it, we will have vegetarian options for you to enjoy.

Plan on bringing kids? Perfect! Christmas Dinner is no fun without kids running around. We’ll have some special treats for the kids and we’ll be playing a Christmas movie after the dinner.

We’re also excited to announce that this dinner is a totally free gift to our neighbourhood. To reserve your seat, all you have to do is put down a $5 fully refundable deposit. The $5 deposit helps us confirm our numbers for the meal. When you arrive for the dinner, the $5 is refunded to you! If you pay a deposit and don’t show up for the dinner, thanks, you’ve helped cover our cost! You can register and pay for the deposit online  (just scroll to the bottom of this page) or you can also get your ticket (and pay your deposit) anytime at the cafe.

To help make this all happen, we’re working with a great group of volunteers with special help from our neighbours, University Community Church. If you are interested in volunteering interested in volunteering for this event please look here for our complete volunteer package.

We love our neighbourhood and we’re so excited to be able to give back a little bit of all the good things that you have all done for us!

Ben and Michelle and the Green Bean Cafe Team

 Register for a ticket today!

Eat Your City!


One of our favourite events of the year is Windsor Eats “Eat Your City”. Every year restaurants throughout Windsor and Essex County offer great deals on some amazing food. This year it runs from August 8–14. The Green Bean is featuring a sandwich (or wrap), a side (salad or soup) and a dessert for only $10!

March 31: Booch Organic Kombucha Tasting Event



We’re excited to welcome Booch Organic Kombucha to the family of products that we carry at the Green Bean. To help get the word on this great new product we’re having the Booch team in for a tasting at our University location on Thursday, March 31 from 11a  –2p.

You may be wondering what exactly Kombucha is? This is what Booch has to say:

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage produced by a symbiotic blend of beneficial yeast and bacteria added to black, green, or white tea. It has been used traditionally in diets for thousands of years, and is known to repopulate the beneficial bacteria in your gut; promote digestion of food, and help your immune system fight all kinds of illnesses. Kombucha originated in China over 2,000 years ago, and was once even thought to be a tonic for immortality.

Come and learn about and taste Booch Organic Kombucha.  See you there!